Friday, May 30, 2014

Book Review - Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

After quickly going through the first book, Hush, Hush, I started Crescendo with moderate expectations. I have to admit I was very surprised! I was hoping for something better, just look at that cover!! A book with a cover like that has to be good.

The story actually kept me interested for longer than a chapter. Granted, I skipped the parts where Nora dialogues herself with a bunch of stupid questions the audience has already though about.

In this story Nora has found out that Patch is a fallen angel turned her guardian angel and some of the consequences that came from being on the outs with Heaven. She has more and more interaction with her mortal enemy - Marcy Millar. Marcie is a rather nasty character that seems to go overboard with her hate for Nora. The back history of the rival is not ever explained so just know it is there. An old childhood friend comes back into Nora's life, Scott Parnell. Scott is another bad egg that you just want to hate. I mean, he is a jerk.

All of these characters intermingle rather well and the story flows. I wasn't left questioning, "What the heck just happened?" Or "Why would they do that?? Why??" I had to remember that the overall storyline is Nora and Patch. Nora is fighting to be with Patch and Patch is fighting to protect her from the world. The chemistry between them is really good to read but always over too quickly. Always keep in mind this is a YA book so it doesn't get over complicated between the two characters. They don't do anything more than kiss and make out.

There were two things that annoyed me more than anything:

1. Nora's inner monologue. She is always thinking the same series of questions to herself. I skipped a lot of this monologue.
2. Why is Nora's mom never home?! I mean NEVER. Yes, she is trying to make a living but it seems like she threw her daughter into adulthood quickly. I hope she realizes she won't win Mother of the Year anytime soon.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I give this book a 4. I liked it a lot better than the first book and hope the rest of the series continues to improve.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

A better introduction

I know I have only made one post thus far but I realized I should have had a better introduction. I feel I was rather short in my first posts let's try again, shall we?

My name is Sara and I live in the great, hot state of Texas. I moved from Oklahoma n 1996 and have been hooked on this state ever since. My love for reading started young with a book by Mary Higgins Clark called All Around The Town.

This book had me hooked and I couldn't get enough of her books. To this date I own nearly everything she has ever published, she will always be one of my favorites. But since I seemed to favor one author, it became clear I didn't know most of the other authors or books out. Not knowing what else to read I just stopped. I know that sounds crazy but it is true, for years I didn't know what to read so I just didn't. That was until I heard hype around a new book series that was being made in to a movie. Perhaps you have heard of it:

Yep! Harry Potter. This amazing series about a boy who found out he was a wizard brought me out of my reading dry spell. To date I have read this series three times and would reread again in a heartbeat. This is also when I realized Harry Potter wasn't just for the young, teens, or YA, it was for anyone who loved a good story. That is what I feel for and was on the hunt for- a good story. 

There really are so many good books out today - teen, young, or YA - that are meant for anyone who is after a good story. True, not everyone has the ability to read all of the book/series so they have to be selective. I have come to realize I have a soft spot for trilogies, dystopian books, and series. Plus if it deals with angels, heaven/hell, or vampires, I will probably read it. Knowing what books I like, find myself waiting until all of the books are out before reading, that way I can just pick up the next book and keep the story going. Plus it makes me feel like the characters are friends that have decided to stay around for a while. Sure, I like one off books after a good series but not always. I have decided to read the books that were popular but not many have read, or I have read just a little later than others. I have had a lot of current bloggers say they wanted to read these books but didn't get a chance. Amazon and Half Price Books are some of my great friends, even new friends who have done giveaways or contests on Twitter! *waves* Hi guys! My TBR list is rather large, growing everyday, and I may never get through it all but I certainly am going to try. 

Now that we have been properly introduced, welcome again! I hope you will come back and visit again.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

An introduction and Hush, Hush (book 1)

Welcome!! My name is Sara and I felt it was time I joined the book blogging community. I started out the 2014 year promising myself I would read more books this year than last year. Last year I read 28 books. That doesn't sound like much but for someone who read as a minor hobby, I considered that a good number. I set my 2014 goal at 35 books and to date I am at 29. Hooray! I still feel that is a great accomplishment considering I hold down a full time job and have a house with a boyfriend and two cats.

I nestled into YA books after reading the Divergent series last summer. I have realized that YA books today are better than most other fiction books so I fell in love. One series that caught my eye as a To Be Read is the Hush, Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick. In my first post I am going to go through book one.

Hush, Hush - Book 1

I feel hard for the cover of this book. I mean hard. I have a soft spot for books about angels and this reeled me in. The cover was AMAZING and I hoped the story of Patch and Nora would be just as awesome. Little did I know that wasn't the case.

This series is the story of Nora and Patch. Nora is an average American teenager in the middle of nowhere Maine. Her life changes when she meets the dark and mysterious Patch. Patch is a fallen angel that nobody seems to know anything about but know he is amazingly hot. Nora's bestest friend ever is Vee Sky. Vee has her moments but they tend to lean more towards annoying than anything and over dramatic most of the time.

Nora and Patch get to know each other over a Science project, but it quickly grows in to so much more. Nora has an unexplained attraction towards Patch, which he clearly feels the same towards her.  The mystery in the book surrounds Patch's history. The author doesn't ever give too much away about what he's gone through or what he has done since he fell from Heaven. Patch has a weakness for Nora and falls quickly for her. He opens up to tell her about his intentions and just enough about himself to keep her (and the reader) intrigued.

I inhaled this book. I wanted to know what was going on so badly I read it in one day. (Not a bad way to spend a Saturday!) I felt a little empty when Hush, Hush ended because it didn't really give me the information I needed or wanted about the overall story. I had to wait until page 300 (of 387) to find out about Patch being a fallen angel and a small glimpse of what he has gone through. That was frustrating for me. I wanted there to be more substance during the entire story but there just wasn't. I nearly lost interest before it got to the point. I kept reading because I figured I would get to read some of Patch's back story at some point, little did I know it would be so close to the end.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I gave this book a 3. Maybe 3.5 but that is pushing it. It did hook me into reading book 2, Silence, so I suppose that was a good thing. If you would like a quick read then this would be a good book. If you want a stand alone book and want to not start a series, skip this one for now.

Happy reading!