Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Book Review - Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

The basis of the book:

The extraordinary journey that began in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children continues as Jacob Portman and his newfound friends journey to London the peculiar capital of the world. But in this war-torn city, hideous surprises lurk around every corner. Like its predecessor, this second novel in the Peculiar Children series blends thrilling fantasy with never-before-published vintage photography to create a one-of-a-kind reacting experience

My thoughts on the book:

I really liked the story. Really, really liked it. I like how he has taken actual photographs and made an usual story from them. It is nice to have an usual and different type of story to read in a growing sea of sameness.

I truly wanted to know what would happen once I started reading. I did have moments when things didn't click for me or make sense but it didn't stop me from finishing. I could have just been tired from reading, who knows. I thought there was some good character development from the first book, which made me happy. I didn't want these characters to stay flat the entire way through however long the series might be. The way he has weaved this tale makes me anxious for the next book and it cannot get here soon enough. I cannot wait to see where he takes this story.

Overall, I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. It is one of the better books I have read and hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did.

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