Sunday, May 25, 2014

A better introduction

I know I have only made one post thus far but I realized I should have had a better introduction. I feel I was rather short in my first posts let's try again, shall we?

My name is Sara and I live in the great, hot state of Texas. I moved from Oklahoma n 1996 and have been hooked on this state ever since. My love for reading started young with a book by Mary Higgins Clark called All Around The Town.

This book had me hooked and I couldn't get enough of her books. To this date I own nearly everything she has ever published, she will always be one of my favorites. But since I seemed to favor one author, it became clear I didn't know most of the other authors or books out. Not knowing what else to read I just stopped. I know that sounds crazy but it is true, for years I didn't know what to read so I just didn't. That was until I heard hype around a new book series that was being made in to a movie. Perhaps you have heard of it:

Yep! Harry Potter. This amazing series about a boy who found out he was a wizard brought me out of my reading dry spell. To date I have read this series three times and would reread again in a heartbeat. This is also when I realized Harry Potter wasn't just for the young, teens, or YA, it was for anyone who loved a good story. That is what I feel for and was on the hunt for- a good story. 

There really are so many good books out today - teen, young, or YA - that are meant for anyone who is after a good story. True, not everyone has the ability to read all of the book/series so they have to be selective. I have come to realize I have a soft spot for trilogies, dystopian books, and series. Plus if it deals with angels, heaven/hell, or vampires, I will probably read it. Knowing what books I like, find myself waiting until all of the books are out before reading, that way I can just pick up the next book and keep the story going. Plus it makes me feel like the characters are friends that have decided to stay around for a while. Sure, I like one off books after a good series but not always. I have decided to read the books that were popular but not many have read, or I have read just a little later than others. I have had a lot of current bloggers say they wanted to read these books but didn't get a chance. Amazon and Half Price Books are some of my great friends, even new friends who have done giveaways or contests on Twitter! *waves* Hi guys! My TBR list is rather large, growing everyday, and I may never get through it all but I certainly am going to try. 

Now that we have been properly introduced, welcome again! I hope you will come back and visit again.

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