Saturday, June 28, 2014

My first book signing event - 6.28.14

I was scrolling through Twitter Wendesday evening and saw a flyer for a book signing event at Murder by the Books for Saturday afternoon where the speakers were Joy Preble, Jennifer Mathieu, and Kristin Rae. I had never been to a book signing event so I was excited when I realized I had no plans and could go! 

I was nervous to get to the event on time since it was Pride weekend in downtown Houston and the weather want exactly playing nice. I left super early not knowing what traffic might be like. Little did I know I would arrive a full hour before the event. Oops! But know that having to wait in a book store isn't really that terrible. 😉 

Here is the table where the authors would be signing. Since I was first to arrive, I was able to pick the best seat! 

Here are the lovely ladies talking about what they like about the other speaker's books, how important setting is in their book, what nobody warned them about when it comes to being an author, and what they are working on for upcoming stories. I felt it was a great experience to have a close one on one interaction with all of them. 

I was the fangirl who asked if I could get a picture with all of them, but I didn't want to interrupt Joy and Jen as they were signing books. Kristin told me to just walk behind the table and say I was taking a picture. She said since she was on the panel that it was ok. I adore her so much. 💖

I also asked for my books to be personalized, I'm a book nerd that way. Here is what they all wrote! 

Jen is SUCH a sweetie!! I want to just hang out with her and drink coffee sometime. 

Joy was so funny and had so much energy, I couldn't get enough of her.

Kristin was adorable!! She kept saying she had 'baby brain' so she would ask for the questions to be repeated. Poor thing. She did bring cookies so nobody really minded. ☺️

I really had a great time with these ladies!! They were so welcoming that I didn't want to leave the store. I hope everyone has a chance to meet them someday - they are so much fun.

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